School Leadership Team (SLT)

The Ashley Elementary School Leadership Team (SLT) is a collaborative decision-making body that involves parents, teachers and community representatives. The goal of the School Leadership Team is to unite Ashley’s stakeholders, including its principal, parents, teachers, support staff, and community members around the common goal of planning and implementing strategies in a collaborative method to significantly increase student achievement. The SLT is responsible for the following decisions at the school:

  • Recommending final candidates to the LLN & DPS for the principal position when a vacancy exists;
  • Approving the school’s annual budget;
  • Determining and approving the school’s master calendar and schedule;
  • Making recommendations regarding the school’s culture and behavior, services for special populations, and use of school facilities;
  • Annual review of the School Innovation Plan using data to identify successes, challenges, areas for growth and changes in the coming year;
  • Directly communicate decisions and information to the faculty to ensure transparency and voice. All faculty are encouraged to talk with the school leader directly should a topic for discussion emerge.

The SLT is comprised of the administrative team, four teachers and four families representatives, all elected to a one-year term. Elections for the SLT are held in the fall annually. Members of the SLT for the 2017-2018 School Year Include:

Teacher Representatives

  • Sarah McReynolds, 1st Grade
  • Leslie Branson, 3rd Grade
  • Martha Teleheimanot, 2nd Grade
  • Catrina Pazo, Intervention
  • Jessica Garay, Intervention

Family Representatives 

  • Ron Porter
  • Donna Simms
  • Soren Gall
  • Katy Troyer