Najah Jabbar

Fourth ELA-E Teacher


Fourth Grade

Why Education?

Education is fun, exciting, and rewarding. Everyday in education is different and being able to learn from my students makes me a better person. Creating an inclusive, joyful classroom, where every student can share and collaborate, in order to reach their goals, is an amazing way to spend the day. Watching my class grow throughout the year is the BEST feeling in the world!

I began as a 5th grade English Language Arts  teacher -Florida- 8 years, Title 1 math -North Carolina- 7 years, Ashley Elementary-DPS- August 2022. Education: BA Elementary Education, Masters Degree Educational Leadership, currently pursuing Doctorate in Educational Leadership.


  • I have a dog named Maximus Ladarius
  • I lived in Winter Park, Colorado from 1997-2001 and guided on the Colorado River- my daughter’s name is River:)
  • I attended the Reputation Taylor Swift concert with my daughter …love concerts.
  • I have a twenty year old daughter that will graduate from  the University of North Carolina/Chapel Hill in December. So proud! 
  •  I love:*Pontoon boats, oceans, rivers, lakes, river trips, spending time with my daughter and friends and I have a playlist that includes country, rock, rap, classic rock, punk and classical music…….  ADVENTURES!
  •  I value: integrity, fun, respect, collaboration, kindness, and empathy.