Ashley Innovation Plan- Our roadmap forward

Posted July 30, 2021

Ashley Elementary student sits in a classroom

Dear families,

Ashley Elementary is part of an innovation zone, the Luminary Learning Network, a zone that brings together diverse by design schools that are committed to providing unique and dynamic learning experiences for all students, including those historically underserved, while empowering teachers, leaders and community members as stewards of excellent schools that support the success of DPS as a collective. Ashley Elementary has written a dynamic innovation plan in order to address challenges and create conditions for success within our individual school context. This plan outlines our roadmap forward, in service to students and our community, to achieve academic excellence and strong social/emotional health and well being for our students. Attached is the Ashley plan: You can also find the Innovation Plan for our network, the Luminary Learning Network, attached here:

Our core values, be a part of the HERD!

Ashley Elephants are part of a special community devoted to supporting both academic excellence and social/emotional health and well being. We are the Ashley Elephants – and our core values are all tied to being a global minded HERD of elephants! HERD stands for Honest, Empathetic, Responsible and Determined! Be a part of the Ashley HERD! Throughout the year we’ll be communicating ways we strive to support our students and community together as the Ashley HERD!