Margarita Taylor, Kindergarten

Parker, ColoradoCollege or University
Wheelock CollegeFavorite Book
“The Secret”

Favorite Food
Caribbean & Italian

Favorite Quotes
“Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality” – Mr. Leroy Washington
“To be who you are and become what you are capable of is the only goal worth living.” – Alvin Alley

I am originally from Trinidad & Tobago, an island in the Caribbean Sea 16 miles off the coast of Venezuela. I moved to Denver in 1996 to begin my teaching career and have experienced and enjoyed teaching both kindergarten and first grades. Before Denver, I lived in New York and Boston. I enjoyed a professional dancing life in both cities and in Trinidad. I love to dance and can be seen in performances every December as “Granny” in CPR’s production of Granny Dances to a Holiday Drum.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband, son and my friends. In the summer, I can be seen driving across country either with my husband or by myself, power walking at Wash Park, or enjoying dance/zumba class. Also in the summer, I travel to New York to visit family, and I love vacationing in the Caribbean. In the winter, I try skiing with my husband and son, but they often are ahead of me on the slopes. Along with the outdoors and traveling, I love sewing, reading, and movies.