Kids With A Conscience

Ashley Elementary students in the classroom

Kids With A Conscience (KWAC) is a community service club for 3rd – 5th graders.  The group meets once a week during school hours. All interested students are asked to fill out an application indicating why they are interested in participating and what ideas they will bring to the group.  Every 4-6 weeks 12 students are selected to participate. Students chose an area of need that they would like to focus on (ie. homelessness, animal shelters, environmental issues).

The club sponsor, Mrs. Hoops, then helps them identify a specific area of need and make a plan of action.  Groups often organize fundraisers, item collections and service projects. As a culminating activity, most groups travel to have face-to-face interaction with the group they are helping. This is crucial to the work they are doing, and it helps instill a life long interest in helping others.